Re-certified Aqua Cal Heatwave 125k Btu

$1,949.00 $1,695.00

March special


This unit was just returned to us from a long term lease. It qualifies as a Re-certified* pool heat pump and is
now ready for a permanent home. With an output of 125k btus and stacked with deluxe features, this unit will not
be in inventory for long. If this is what you’re looking for, then DO NOT hesitate to take it home today!


Titanium Heat Exchanger
Efficient Scroll Compressor
Super-Quiet 8 Pole Emerson Fan Motor
Higher efficiency in colder weather
No-Rust ABS Cabinet
Digital LCD Display
Patented Refrigerant Metering System
2” Water flow – no need for an external bypass
Compatible with all remote control systems

* Units only qualify for this rating If they pass our thorough inspection process. Equipment is hooked up in our
testing facility and are subjected to the follow component tests and exam. Capacitors, refrigerant charge,
motor amperage, wire connections, water leaks, temperature sensors, safety sensors, compressor operation etc.


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