What do you do when you have every room booked for Music week Miami,Fashion week and Spring break and people are showing up for the ultimate Miami Pool party and your pool heater decides to completely fail? Do you cancel the party OR do you call Rent-A-Pool-Heater? 120,000 gallon pool is no match for The Chillbuster!

Hey Coach, you promised the team victory this year and so you know you need to practice drills but the water is too cold. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!? www.rent-A-Pool-Heater …. click on Chillbuster & start training tomorrow! Now to plan the victory party!

It is our honor and privilege to offer back to society. If there is a senior event going on in The Tampa Bay area in which we can assist, We will handle the job for minimal to no cost. We need to keep our seniors healthy.

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