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Pool Heat Pumps

Because of our climate here in Central and South Florida, Pool heat pumps are extremely popular due to their efficiency and performance under our weather conditions. The secret to their efficiency is that the heat pump is simply operating the compressor and fan to transfer the heat from the atmosphere to your pool unlike gas heaters that must burn a fuel to make the heat. However, the achilles heel for the heat pump is their limited range of operation which occurs when the outdoor temp drops into the lower 50's. At that point, their performance drastically reduces rendering them nearly ineffective. On the other hand, not many people enjoy using their pools when getting a cold is just a few steps away.


For those who opt for the max performance over efficiency, then gas heaters is the way to go. They will deliver under virtually any conditions. These machines do not rely on outdoor conditions to enable them to perform. Whether its 20 degrees or or 100 degrees, they will produce the output they say they would. And because they're burning fuel, their operating costs will always be higher in comparison to a pool heat pump. As per florida statute 527, only certified personnel are authorized to service and repair L.P. systems. So for those of us that have Eskimo blood, gas heaters are the way to go. We notice that hotels that boast "heated pool" will use gas heaters as a backup to ensure that their Eskimo guest are not disappointed.

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