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It’s with great pleasure that Comfort Central rolls out yet another unique service for our clients. Rent-a-pool-heater was designed for those who need the pool heated exclusively for those special occasions or even for just a season. Whether you have an existing heater that just went kuput or perhaps you just don’t have one and yet need the pool heated for that special occasion. We are here to help. With nearly 80 units in stock, we have the resources to bring the heat to you and get your pool heated as early as the next business day! So stop telling people that they cannot get into your gorgeous pool because it’s chilly. Contact us now to reserve your unit.

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Our Approach

Rent-a-pool-heater has designed a way for nearly all pools and spas to be usable when you need them to be. With “Mobile heat to go”,whether you’re pool is 1,000 gallons or 167,000 gallons, we have what it takes to make it the center of your entertainment when you want AND how warm you want it.

Our Story

After nearly 20 years of pool equipment installations and repairs, we found it amazing as to how many of our clients had pools that were well maintained and barely used because they were too cold to use. And sadly,  all they can do is offer their guest an excuse. This prompted our engineers to go to work to find a solution for the client who wanted their pool heated for those special occasions or even just for the season. Thus gave the birth to “Rent-a-pool-heater”. Now we can offer our clients the opportunity to be able to use their pool when they need to. Now there’s no reason to make up excuses why you have a pool and all the expenses that go with it just to say that “it’s too cold to go in”.


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