Gas Heaters

Ranging In BTU's from 150,000 to 500,000 btu's and in both ,Natural & Propane. We have what it takes to get the mission done.All Our gas heaters have digital display for accuracy.

Heat Pumps

Ranging in Btu's from 60,000 to 140,000 btu's . All our heat pumps are equipt with scroll technology compressors and titanium heat exchangers for quiet and reliable operation. Low R.P.M. fan motors allow heat pumps to operate quietly

The Pros of gas heaters

FAST- Best describes the gas heaters. Either natural gas or propane , They are FAST. Unlike heat pumps, the gas heaters burn fuel in order to make the heat. If you’re the kinda person that uses the pool in sub-50 degree temperature, the gas is for you.

   The Cons of gas  heaters

Because Gas heaters are designed to burn a fuel in order to make heat, they can cost up to 6 times as much to operate. Propane heaters must receive refills of fuel & the tanks must be accessible for the gas company to refill them.

The Pros of heat pumps

EFFICIENT- Best describes heat pumps. They absorb heat from the atmosphere and use the compressor (like your a/c system) to transfer the free heat into your pool.They are up to 6 times more efficient than gas.  This same technology is use to heat the majority of homes in central Florida.

The Cons of Heat pumps

Because heat pumps rely on absorbing atmospheric temperature, they become very limited when outdoor temps drop down to the lower fifties.They also require a heavy duty electrical circuit (typically a 50 amp) & the initial heat-up time can be up to 3 days. 

Although any of these gas heaters will handle a residential pool, it’s always ideal to request the largest model that you can accommodate.The Larger the gas heater simply means that it’s “faster to fun”. There is a myth that the bigger the heater, the more fuel that it’ll consume to heat the pool. This is just a myth. The bottom line is that to heat your pool will require “X” amount of fuel to be burned. The faster you burn “X” amount of fuel, the faster you’ll make the necessary heat. If you paid your bill in 5’s,10’s or 20 dollar bills, ultimately the price will be the same. You’ll just spend more time  counting if you use smaller bills. This is the same concept. 

     For those who elect the gas heater option and do not have natural gas, we also supply propane tanks when necessary. The tanks come in either 50 or 100 gallon tanks. The larger the tank, the fewer visits that you’ll need to pay for from the gas company. The larger tank will assure that you’ll have fuel when you really need it.

Pool heat pumps are very popular due to their super high efficiencies. And although just about any pool heat pump can get the job done, it’s always wise to consider how long that you’re willing to wait before the pool achieves your desired temperature. Our suggestion is that as long as your electrical circuit can handle it, it’s always ideal to acquire the largest pool heater that you can. To date, we have never ever ever met a customer that complained about having the extra output but we have certainly encountered customers that complained about their heater NOT having adequate output. I like to think about pool heaters like I do my internet connection. If you had a choice between basic internet or premium service for a few bucks more. Same concept. Again, I’ve never seen anyone complain about super fast internet but certain have about slow internet speed.. Aside from the fact of the increased financial obligation of the larger heater, all the rest are huge pluses in customer satisfaction.

warm pool


You're already investing in having a pristine looking pool, now lets make it worthy to use more than just 3 months of the year by having the pool heater added. You will wish that you did this a long long time ago. The family is depending on you to do the right thing.

The pricing below does not include installation since installation requirements may vary.

The pricing below does not include installation since installation requirements may vary.

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