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Just as easy as you can rent-a-car or even rent-a-tool, now you can rent-a-pool heater. It's with great pleasure that Comfort Central rolls out yet another unique service for our clients. Rent-a-pool-heater was designed for those who need the pool heated for a special occasion or just for a season. Perhaps you have an existing heater that just went kuput but need the pool heated right now! We're here to help. With nearly 80 units in stock, we have the resources to bring the heat to you. Are you in a bind for time? We can have most pools heated to your desired temp within the same day! We're ready to " Bring the HEAT". Up to 1 million btu's per hour can be pumped into your pool. So c'mon and give us a call and tell the operator to "BRING THE HEAT"

Pool Heater Repair

Pool heating repair is a unique skill. Although the equipment is very much like the central heating and A/C that you find on a home, there are some differences that the technician must know in order to diagnose and service them accurately. Unlike some companies that specialize in keeping your pool clean, and oh yeah, fix heaters on the side, we specialize in fixing heaters period. Being that all our technicians are factory trained and certified, you can rest assured that your service needs are in good hands. Just like most medical & legal personnel have a specialty, so is it necessary to specialize in pool heater repairs. We are H.V.A.C. certified and also natural gas AND L.P. (propane) certified. That is why when the job must be done right, nearly all the manufacturers have Comfort Central on "speed dial" and so should you.

HVAC Repair

Comfort Central has been servicing & installing central A/C & heating systems for nearly 2 decades. Our A/C division boasts some of the most experienced technicians in the industry so you can rest assured that your repair will be done right the first time. Since we offer up-front flat rate pricing, you never have to worry about what the cost of the repair will be. Call today for service & sleep comfortable tonight!

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